Frank’s Tech Tips

There seems to be a trend toward fancier and wordier business cards.  We are all trying to make our contacts with potential customers memorable, but a card on which the contact information is so small that I cannot read it is not of much use to me.  The same goes for a card that has little contrast between the background and the print.  Some card scanners simply cannot handle that situation, so you have to

Recently, there has been a great deal of press about something called the Heartbleed bug.  So, should this mean anything to you?  Read on to find out. Do I have to do anything about the Heartbleed bug?  Well, that depends. If you have no email accounts, no ID’s on any websites, or VPN accounts, or anything like that, then no you don’t have to do anything. Oh, you do? Bummer.  You need to take action. What happened? The single

We have said it before.  Now we are saying it again.   Please back up your computer.   That means to make a copy of your data that you can restore either to your existing computer or to a new computer if you should have the misfortune to lose the data due to hardware failure, computer loss, program error, or user error.  Do it now, right after you finish reading this.  No excuses.  Do not put