Author: Lionel Consulting

Business Cards

There seems to be a trend toward fancier and wordier business cards.  We are all trying to make our contacts with potential customers memorable, but a card on which the contact information is so small that I cannot read it is not of much use to me.  The same goes for a card that has […]

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What does the Heartbleed bug mean for you?

Recently, there has been a great deal of press about something called the Heartbleed bug.  So, should this mean anything to you?  Read on to find out. Do I have to do anything about the Heartbleed bug?  Well, that depends. If you have no email accounts, no ID’s on any websites, or VPN accounts, or anything like […]

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Please Back Up Your Computer

We have said it before.  Now we are saying it again.   Please back up your computer.   That means to make a copy of your data that you can restore either to your existing computer or to a new computer if you should have the misfortune to lose the data due to hardware failure, computer […]

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